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On Mon, 7 Feb 2000, Thierry Laronde wrote:
> The bug _is_ a potential security hole. And I was first amazed that saying
> that Debian can be improved could be a scandal. And I'm now tired and
> disgusted after reading insulting mails, written by people claiming they
> are the kings of security and knowledge, Almighty sysadmins, insulting 
> explicitly or implicitly people because they are french...

It's not a security hole in the conventional sense.  It's simply an
insecure default.  There is a difference.  Most people agree that a better
default or more documentation (in fact, definitely the latter) are in

Just because those who think you're right can't be bothered to partake in
a fairly dull argument, don't think we don't exist.  Although as I have
said to others, I think the tone of the bugtraq message was quite
unwarranted [1]

And as for Branden's insults, one just has to get used to them. His sense
of humour is on a different wavelength to most peoples ;-)


[1] It claimed no action had been taken over than wishlisting the bug.
Actually, as can be seen from the boot-floppies CVS log, action was taken

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