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Re: Bug#55811: dist upgrade didn't mention that fvwm2 was superseded by fvwm.

On Sun, Feb 06, 2000 at 09:47:57PM +0000, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > > > >         I upgraded to fvwm version 2 ages ago, and had removed the fvwm
> > > > > package and only used fvwm2.
> > > > >         This meant that at upgrade time, fvwm2 wasn't upgraded, and fvwm
> > > > > didn't appear.
> > > > 
> > > > This is really difficult, primarily because the fvwm2 package doesn't
> > > > exist any longer.  The new fvwm package Conflicts and Replaces fvwm2,
> > > > so I would have hoped that it would appear somehow.  I don't know
> > > > where to send this bug.
> > > 
> > > Don't you also need 'Provides:'?  Or did I hallucinate that?
> > 
> > That depends on the number and type of packages that had/have dependencies
> > on the old package, and the type of the old package. Usually, it's pointless
> > for all packages except libraries whose shlibs didn't contain versions.
> > 
> > > Or is the trick, to provide a dummy fvwm2 package which Depends: on fvwm? 
> > 
> > Yes, that would work, and make the Depends: a versioned one.
> > 
> > Also, tell the user (in Description: of fvwm2 dummy) to remove or purge the
> > dummy package after installation of new fvwm. (if the old fvwm2 had
> > registered conffiles, don't purge it, otherwise they'll be gone, IIRC xbase
> > had a similar problem).
> I was going to upload a version with Provides: fvwm2, but if that's
> not going to work, please could somebody look at doing an NMU for me?
> I'm going to be away till about 25 February, and don't have time to do
> anything complex like this before I go.  8-(

The new fvwm package has correct Conflicts/Replaces, and that will make dpkg
properly upgrade the package from fvwm2 (<< 2.2). The problem is that the
new package will not be automatically selected, instead the user will have
to do it manually. That's where making a dummy package comes into play.
It'll make dpkg install fvwm after upgrading fvwm2.

With the new equivs package, making any kind of a dummy package is fairly
simple, try it. Also, you don't even have to make another revision of fvwm
source and upload it; the dummy package may be built from a separate source.

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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