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On Sat, Feb 05, 2000 at 10:58:42PM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
> So not only do you ignore documentation in /usr/doc but you also
> ignore prompts given by dbootstrap?  It clearly asks -- ASKS even --
> if it should install this MBR.

You already admitted in private mail that you haven't run an install in
a while. Why are you arguing based on memory then? I just ran an install
last night based on the 2.2.5 boot floppies. The question asks if you
want to install *an* MBR. It does *not* give any information that the
MBR it will install has any special properties. It does *not*
specifically state that the MBR it is installing is not the one from
lilo (which might be a natural assumption.) It says that you *must*
install the MBR in order to boot off the hard disk. (Since we know that
lilo doesn't *need* any support programs to boot of the hd, this
potentially reinforces the notion that the question refers to the lilo
MBR.) Bottom line--stop arguing the point unless you're willing to run
an install to see what you're talking about. There is *no* indication of
what *this* MBR is, unless you already know the details of debian's MBR
system and have a priori knowledge of what the question means. (And
since the boot-floppies team has already recognized the documentation
issue *and addressed it*, why are you still arguing the point?)

Mike Stone

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