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Re: Debdiff project announcement.

wouldn't it be easier to create an rsync method for apt?

Tom Rothamel (tom-mutt-1@onegeek.org) wrote:
> This is just a message to announce that I am undertaking a project I
> call debdiff. It's goal is to create two tools, debdiff and debpatch,
> that can generate a file of differences between .debs and then use
> those differences and the original .deb to reconstruct the new .deb.
> (I also have some ideas on how to reconstruct the deb from the
> unpacked version of the original, but I want to get the deb+diff->deb
> mode working first.)
> Hopefully, this will help the bandwidth challenged to run Debian.
> The package isn't close to finished yet, and I'm not even ready to
> release preliminary source. I just wanted to announce this so I'm sure
> I'm not duplicating anyone else's work.
> I will eventually need a sponsor for this, but not for a while. (And
> maybe new-maintainer will open up before then.)
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