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Debdiff project announcement.

This is just a message to announce that I am undertaking a project I
call debdiff. It's goal is to create two tools, debdiff and debpatch,
that can generate a file of differences between .debs and then use
those differences and the original .deb to reconstruct the new .deb.

(I also have some ideas on how to reconstruct the deb from the
unpacked version of the original, but I want to get the deb+diff->deb
mode working first.)

Hopefully, this will help the bandwidth challenged to run Debian.

The package isn't close to finished yet, and I'm not even ready to
release preliminary source. I just wanted to announce this so I'm sure
I'm not duplicating anyone else's work.

I will eventually need a sponsor for this, but not for a while. (And
maybe new-maintainer will open up before then.)

Tom Rothamel --------- http://onegeek.org/~tom/ ---------- Using GNU/Linux
	"Students who successfully accomplish this task will be given 
	 extra credit (and a complete psychiatric examination)."
		- Andrew S. Tannenbaum, _Structured Computer Organization_

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