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Re: Can somebody tell me if lpr+samba works?

I am using Samba and lpr, both from the latest potato to a Laserjet III
without a problem.  The Laserjet is on the parallel port, not a network
printer [extra info there].

Hope this helps,

"Endless Loop -- See Loop, Endless"


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Adam Klein wrote:

> I have bug #49188 reported against lpr.  It basically says that all the
> more recent lpr's don't work with Samba, while slink's old lpr 0.33 does.
> Since I'm not running Samba, I'm really at a loss to confirm this.  Can
> someone tell me if they're using this successfully?
> Adam Klein
> Debian lpr maintainer
> (crossposting to get large testing area; please cc: me on any replies)

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