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Re: How can I persuade my boss using pgsql?

zhaoway wrote:
  >I want pgsql. My boss want mysql. But obviously he has _no_ good reason
  >for his choice. ;-) Neither I. :-( Quite ridiculous, eh? ;-) The reason
  >is that we're not heavily sql based. ;-)
  >But I still want pgsql. One reason is that I use Debian to develop, and
  >I want vrms be happy. ;-) (Obviously my boss don't have vrms complain to
  >him. He's not using Debian. :->)
  >Seriously, we're planning sql for our website for our company. Is there
  >any statistics that I can use to persuade my boss using pgsql?
  >There would be one killer feature if I can find it. That is if we could
  >sync our data between our Internet sql-running machine with our Intranet
  >dial-up machine. If pgsql could do this, then my boss will easily be
  >persuaded. ;-) (He has bad memory with pgsql, because speed. I'm not

PostgreSQL is going to be a fuller implementation of SQL.  There are
already people doing a port of Ars Digita to it, which I believe would
not be possible to do with mysql.  Completion of this port will need
full implementation of referential integrity, which will be partly
implemented with release 7.0 (beta due Feb 15th).

Look at pages under http://www.postgresql.org for a feature
comparison of various databases.

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