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How can I persuade my boss using pgsql?

I want pgsql. My boss want mysql. But obviously he has _no_ good reason
for his choice. ;-) Neither I. :-( Quite ridiculous, eh? ;-) The reason
is that we're not heavily sql based. ;-)

But I still want pgsql. One reason is that I use Debian to develop, and
I want vrms be happy. ;-) (Obviously my boss don't have vrms complain to
him. He's not using Debian. :->)

Seriously, we're planning sql for our website for our company. Is there
any statistics that I can use to persuade my boss using pgsql?

There would be one killer feature if I can find it. That is if we could
sync our data between our Internet sql-running machine with our Intranet
dial-up machine. If pgsql could do this, then my boss will easily be
persuaded. ;-) (He has bad memory with pgsql, because speed. I'm not

Best regards,

P.s. I raise the topic here because I remember some (craig?) telling
this here. ;-) Is this more suited for Debian-User? BTW, how big the
traffic of debian-user a day? ;->

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