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Thomas Quinot <quinot@email.enst.fr> writes:

> Le 2000-02-02, John Goerzen écrivait :
> > partitions to boot from within Linux.  If Linux is not bootable or
> > deleted, you're stuck.  This is not acceptable.
> If Linux is deleted, then you cannot boot Linux no matter what MBR
> you are using. If you moved away one kernel image referenced by

But you can boot your OTHER OSs.

> your LILO map, you can have a rescue one that you do never touch
> that will allow you to boot. If you moved away all you kernel images, I seriously
> doubt you'll still be in situation of loading anything useful using mbr.

You could load no less than three other operating systems.

> Now, if you are willing to stop spreading FUD and perform an elementary
> reality check, can you provide one example scenario where Debian's mbr buys
> you one fnctionality that cannot beachieved using plain LILO?

I already mentioned several.  MBR does not depend on a Linux partition
to work.  MBR does not require Linux to change partition boot
selections.  Others have mentioned some as well.  Some BIOSes make it
difficult to boot from floppy; MBR adds this.  MBR can boot Linux
without requiring a Linux partition.

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