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re: Potato: apt-get and deselect out of sync

>I have been installing packages via gnome-apt,
>apt-get install, and dselect.  I have also been using

>apt-get update l apt-get upgrade to pick up changes
>being made to potato while it is progressing through

>The last time I ran dselect I selected update, select
>and then install.  Deselect came up with about 50
>odd packages to be removed!  I said NO and then tried
>apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade and it reported
>nothing to do.  I went back to dselect and just
>selected select (changed nothing) and install, again
>50 someodd packages would be removed!  Deselect is
>using the apt method with the same sources.list as

>Some of the packages that deselect wants to remove
>penguineyes-0.9-2,giram-gnome 0.1.4-1,
>.... more

>What is going on, and how can I fix this?

PS this also happens if I do apt-get install libc6, so
there is something funny about this package.  Funny
since the version I have installed seems to be the
same as the current version....

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