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Re: War Dialer

On Mon, Jan 31, 2000 at 09:33:01AM +0100, Onno Ebbinge wrote:
> >> This brings back memories...
> >> 
> >> load "thor dailer",8,1
> >> run
> >SO? what are you whining? use vice and do it today too!
> >*grin*
> I have a few C64's but I don't have the time to realy go and 
> play with them. I'm curious if my 300 baud modem still works...

actually what i ment was, get wardialer .. and run it on vice =)

> And for games, those are great but my favourite was boulderdash.

that reminds me.. i have to look it up somewhere =)
get a life, get the second one free...

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