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You can only fit so much on the install disks.  We cannot put a copy
of Practical Unix Security on there.  Put a help button there if you
want, but really, you are taking this way overboard.

-- JohnCC

Thomas Quinot <quinot@email.enst.fr> writes:

> Le 2000-02-02, John Goerzen écrivait :
> > Not at all.  Is not this already done in the docs for MBR?  I recall
> > reading about it there...
> There is no documentation whatsoever that, when a system is installed
> with the default settings, then the installed MBR will be the one
> from the package named "mbr".  There is no documentation whatsoever
> in the installation procedure that it will by default install an MBR that
> unconditionnally allows booting from a floppy disc.
> Thomas.
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