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Re: KDE: a plan how to solve that

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 01:13:00PM +0100, Russell Coker wrote:
> KVT can be easily removed from kdebase if there's any doubt about it. 
> Konsole is so much better that there's no need for kvt any more IMHO.

Excellent.  [Like I said before, you could put kvt in non-free, but if
you want to drop it entirely, that's fine.]

Then the only thing remaining is placing the "this is an allowed deviation
from the GPL as it's always been intended that these programs be run
under qt" exception statement(s) from the KDE development folks in the
copyright file.  [Using their words, not mine, of course.]

Well, that, and providing DFSG copyright information for the programs
where currently no copyright at all is mentioned in the copyright file.

> Kdebase also has kdm which includes xdm source. But the Debian
> packaging has kdm in a seperate package. This could be skipped if it's
> felt to be a license issue.

kdm was derived from xdm, which was not originally GPLed code.

However, it's good practice to put kdm in a separate package for the
same reason that xdm is in a separate package.


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