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Re: KDE: a plan how to solve that

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 03:07:09AM +0100, Fabrice Gautier wrote:
> I think you could look at http://kde.tdyc.com/Debian, this is not far
> from an official KDE site...  (and at least in the FAQ you could add
> this URL as a good source for kde debian packages.. euh... debian kde
> packages ... or whatever...)

The site is a bit iffy, connection wise.  I had quite a few tcp stalls
while downloading, one which seemed to last several minutes (though I
didn't actually time it).

Anyways, after poking at the downloaded files for a bit:

kdebase has kvt in it -- kvt is a special case where the original code
already had two licenses on it.  One would make it suitable for non-free,
while the other was the GPL.

kmultimedia has a couple GPLed programs which were converted to support
Qt (and where there's inadequate permission in the copyright file):
kmidi and kscd.

kdegraphics has kdvi and kghostview.  Both of these are adaptions
of pre-existing GPLed programs.  [This package also has a number of
executables with no mention of the copyright in the copyright file
(kfract, kiconedit, kpaint, ksnapshot, kview) -- I'm guessing that these
all had X11 copyrights on them, but there's no claim made that it's ok
to distribute these.]

I didn't bother looking at any other packages.  [Though I did download the


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