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StackGuard'ed Debian?

Hello people,

I guess you have all heard of StackGuard and Immunix. In case you are not -
this is a patch to gcc which adds pretty good buffer overflow protection to
all programs compiled with it. There is a whole RedHat 5.2 distribution
compiled with this available for download at www.immunix.org (there is also
more info on StackGuard there - go and see if you're interested). Because
of the methods used, this patch breaks certain programs (ld.so and the Linux
kernel most notably). It is also unclear whether it works on other
architectures besides IA32.

Is it possible to re-build some of the key components of Debian with this?
And, as it is GPL, could someone package it so that users can build secured
programs themselves? IMHO it is worth all the work.

P.S. I'm not subscribed to debian-devel; pleace CC to me replies.

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