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Re: Community membership

> > 
> > 3. Memebership freeze occured due to problems processing new applicants,
> > in some cases processing taking months.
> > 
> > >From the above i concluded that a new simpler membership process would
> > be good.
> > 
> Membership froze because the new maintainer team felt we were letting
> people into Debian too easily. In other words, maintainers that were MIA
> in a few months, leaving us with unmaintained packages, and other issues.
> I think what you are meaning to say is, make it easier to participate.
> Which does not neccesarily mean make them a developer. I agree with this
> 100%. We have the means to do such things right now, however we are not
> making it very apparent. On our web site if you go to the section on how
> to help Debian, you are immediately presented with the new maintainer
> process, thus giving the image that _this_ is the only way to help Debian.
> So I think our problem is just a superficial mistake in our presentation
> on the web site. If we change that, and dedicate an immediate section to
> how one can help without becoming an official developer, then we will get
> a lot more people involved.
> Ben
IMHO, it is not "membership" that is being discussed in this thread, it is the title and responsibilities of being a Debian packager.  There is much more that can, and needs to, be done other than being a Debian developer or package maintainer.  Other Debian users can use your expirience.  

One should be active on the mailing lists.  

One can help with the Debian Documentation Project, or work on the Debian web pages.  Find bugs and submit patches.  Establish a Debian Official Mirror, if you are so fortunate as to be able to support one.

"Membership" implies exclusivity.  Debian is based on an inclusive philosophy.  There is no "membership", just participation.  Only you know how you can participte.

-get on the bus-


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