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Re: War Dialer

On Thu, Jan 27, 2000 at 05:32:20PM -0500, Tim Sailer wrote:
> I've been asked to sweep the phone exchange here at BNL for modems,
> which are a violation of our firewall policy. Is there anything in
> Linux, packaged for Debian or not, that can do this for me?

you could write a wrapper script around /usr/bin/cu, which is part of
the uucp package. or use /usr/sbin/chat, which is in the ppp package.
alternatively, open the modem's tty and start talking to the modem.

a very simple outline of the script: start off with an array of phone
numbers, dial them and record any CONNECTs (found one!), "NO CARRIER" or
"VOICE" (good), or "BUSY"/"NO DIALTONE" (try again later).

btw, "NO CARRIER" might just mean that the modem was unable to establish
a connection. possibility of a false negative here.


craig sanders

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