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ITP: vflib3 and tex-guy

Hi there,

I'd like to contribute my vflib3 and tex-guy packages to Debian.
They have been provided in Debian JP archive until now.
These are lintian-free.

vflib3 is a multi-purpose font rasterizer library. It is the successor of 
vflib2, and now supports fonts for languages other than Japanese
(e.g. HBF for Korean).  API and other design have been 
massively revised, so maybe it's better to have both of them for a while.

tex-guy is a collection of tools which uses dvilib, a DVI interpreter 
library. dvilib itself is also a part of tex-guy.  tex-guy feautures 
xgdvi, a DVI previewer with a nice GTK frontend.

vflib3 is LGPL'd.  Tools included in tex-guy are all GPL'd 
except dvilib, which is LGPL'd.

Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org> is kind enough to upload these 
stuff as a sponsor.  Thanks!


Masayuki Hatta
University of Tokyo
mhatta@debian.or.jp / mhatta@gnu.org
g920202@mail.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp / masayuki-h@geocities.co.jp

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