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Re: missing FHS archives

begin  Wichert Akkerman quotation:
> I really don't see the use.. if I follow your logic then /usr/lib
> should be just libraries. Okay, but now I have a program that uses a
> couple of bitmaps in its userinterface.. lets make /usr/libbitmap
> then! Oh, wait, there are some audio effects. I guess we need to
> make /usr/libaudio as well then. But now we decide we need some
> static datafiles from which we extract information, so lets make
> /usr/libdata as well. And while we're at it why not do /usr/libhelp
> as well?


> As you see this quickly becomes extremely silly. Also consider the
> difference between a library and a helper binary is really very
> minimal: they are both ELF objects that contain code that a program
> needs. The only difference is that one is linked into the binary and
> the other is run as a seperate process.

	libexec entries can be used in shell scripts, while /usr/lib
must be linked into an executable to be generally useful.  It's
helpful to SysAdmins to realize that the functions to regenerate the
pipermail archives are programs that can be run directly from the
command line (for example).

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