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Re: INN packages

On Jan 18, Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> wrote:

 >> >my servers to the 2.2.2 packages.  Also, note that there were a number of
 >> >fairly serious and release-critical bugs against the 1.7.2 packages.  If I
 >>Really? I'm using it on three different production servers, and never
 >>had any problem.
 >You must have missed the "Distribution: ," bug then. I'm quite surprised
I've not, but I think most sites don't have a distribution list in the
ME entry, being the whole distribution concept fairly obsolete outside
of net.* and the Other Place.
BTW, do you have a patch for 1.7.2? I'd like to apply it.

 >>They are not. Plain simply, uniover sucks under load and it's much
 >>slower than the traditonal overview database. INN 2.x is useful only
 >>on transit servers.
 >Nonsense, ofcourse. That's only if you turn on a storage method. With
True, but if you don't use a storage method why bothering installing
2.2? :-)


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