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Re: INN packages

On Jan 18, Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> wrote:

 >Maybe.  I thought long and hard about doing it that way, and I am *not* 
 >convinced that Debian will be a better distribution with more than one version
 >of INN present. 
I don't see your rationale.

 >If we were to do this, someone else would need to adopt the 1.7.2 packages,
 >as I have no interest in maintaining two versions of INN, and I'm moving
I'm willing to maintain inn 1.x and innfeed as well.

 >my servers to the 2.2.2 packages.  Also, note that there were a number of
 >fairly serious and release-critical bugs against the 1.7.2 packages.  If I
Really? I'm using it on three different production servers, and never
had any problem.

 >> There is no point in packaging INN 2.x as inn, an automatic upgrade
 >> path is not possible anyway.
 >I don't completely agree with your logic.  The ability to do a completely
 >automatic upgrade has never been a first-order decision point for forking
 >a package based on version that I am aware of.  It would certainly have been
I don't think so. Many packages with not compatible new releases
changed name. Why do you think inn 2.x should not be packaged as inn2?

 >major corporation.  I think both of you have been fairly harsh in your 
 >comments about versions other than 2.3.  When properly tuned, they are quite
They are not. Plain simply, uniover sucks under load and it's much
slower than the traditonal overview database. INN 2.x is useful only
on transit servers.

 >Alexander implied with his comments that I'm somehow not very knowledgeable
 >about news servers or the state of INN development.  Without rattling off my
I hope you will not be offended, but after reading your opinions on INN
I have to agree with him.

 >The current stable and supported release of INN is 2.2.2.  The 1.7.2 version 
Supported? 1.7.x is supported as well as 2.x releases, this is free
software. Many people still ask about 1.x on news.software.nntp and
they get replies, even from rra.

 >ships.  And regardless of what their motivations might be, I have had a fairly
 >steady stream of email over the past months from Debian users asking when we
 >would migrate from 1.X to 2.X.
So what? Do these users *know* something about news servers?


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