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Re: [Fwd: a problem with timezones]


Thanks for the reply. Are you saying that it is meant that way?



Oliver Elphick wrote:

> Carlo Robazza wrote:
>   >I work for Corel and am responsible for the Control Center under KDE. I
>   >have implemented the kcmclock module which allows the user to change the
>   >date, time and timezone. I have run into something very confusing having
>   >to do with timezones and I don't know if it is a bug or not. Hopefully
>   >you can help me out.
>   >
>   >If I set my system to EST (Americal/Montreal) everything works fine. If
>   >I try to set it to GMT-5, which in my mind is the same as EST, I get a
>   >time that is 5 hours ahead of GMT instead of 5 hours behind GMT. In
>   >order to get the time to be the same as America/Montreal I have to
>   >select GMT+5. This seems to be the case for other GMT time zones as well
>   >(i.e. the + and - seem to be reversed).
>   >
>   >Is this a bug or am I just missing something?
> I have just seen a mention of this on a PostgreSQL mailing list; it seems
> that this group of timezones have their signs defined in the opposite
> sense to all the rest.  It is crazy, but correct.
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