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Re: dependancy problem in potato (fwd)

Why can't we just merge the functionality of both gzip -d and bzip2 -d? 
gzip already has the capability to handle decompression of a variety of

Is to much work to provide an enhanced gzip that does bzip2 decompression
along with all the other decompression methods?  Then scripts like zless
that call gzip to handle decompression would work on .bz2 files too.  (Or
perhaps the better solution is to change zless and its ilk?  I'm not sure
whether having gzip handle bzip2 decompression is a thorny issue that has
already been nixed by upstream ... it is such an obvious enhancement that
it seems upstream would've done it already, unless they had major

As for bloat, the packages themselves are rather tiny: 

ben@bgpc:~$ dpkg -s gzip | grep Installed-Size:
Installed-Size: 122
ben@bgpc:~$ dpkg -s bzip2 | grep Installed-Size:
Installed-Size: 44

Although it's arguable perhaps that until kernel.org *stops* carrying
things in .gz format, we cannot truly consider bzip2 "essential".

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