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bad signature bug? (was Re: perl problem)

"Darren/Torin/Who Ever..." <torin@daft.com> writes:

> >joeyh@master:/home/Debian/ftp/private/project/Incoming/REJECT>cat
> >perl-5.005_5.005.03-5_i386.reason 
> >Rejected: PGP signature check failed on perl-5.005_5.005.03-5_i386.changes'.
> >gpg: Signature made Mon Jan  3 20:50:02 2000 CST using DSA key ID 07989793
> >gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found

> Hmm.  I can't find a message before last night that said it was
> rejected...

I think there may be a bug somewhere.  I uploaded a package signed
with the wrong key, and I never got notified either.  I'd file a bug
report, except I'm not sure what to file it against.  dinstall?  master.d.o?

(Note: thread is being moved to d-devel list.)
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