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update-?? and /etc/services

I was wondering if there is some automated method of updating the
/etc/services file ?

>From the looks of it, there doesn't appear to be ... I have backup software
installed on all my systems (NetBackup.. commercial stuff ... ), and am
noticing that the services files are way outta date because they haven't
been updated whenever netbase was upgraded.. I know that
/etc/services.dpkg-dist is created, and I simply just had to copy the new
one over and add the backup service lines, but this can be a major
inconvienence .. Am I missing something?  I know of update-inetd, but there
is no 'update-services' equivalent..  (I actually made the backup stuff a
deb package on our local private mirror so its easier to install across all
the systems .. I simply append the netbackup lines to the services file, but
use update-inetd to create the entries in the inetd.conf .. it would be nice
to have a counterpart to create the services lines .. )

Is this a future possibility?  Is it already there and I'm missing it? (I
didn't think I'm missing anything because I noticed that the standard
services file pretty much contains all the service ports which are utilized
by any service in debian..)


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