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Re: dhelper or gnupg bug? which is it?

On Sun, Jan 02, 2000 at 04:45:36AM -0800, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> dhelper doesn't seem to work with pgp anymore, it wants gpg.  This is
> fine... But it doesn't recognize my pgp RSA key, and so doesn't complete the
> dpkg-buildpackage.

The bug is in dpkg-dev.

As for gpg, you need one of gpg-rsa{,ref} and to make a ~/.gnupg/options
file which lists your pgp keyrings as well as any gpg keyrings you have.

> Then I *reinstalled* gnupg, and heres the dump:
> dh_builddeb
> dpkg-deb: building package `ghostcore' in `../ghostcore_0.9.7-1_all.deb'.
>  signfile ghostcore_0.9.7-1.dsc
> gpg: skipped `Jonathan Walther <krooger@debian.org>': secret key not
> available
> gpg: [stdin]: clearsign failed: secret key not available

Add to ~/.gnupg/options:

secret-keyring ~/.pgp/secring.pgp

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