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Re: concensus on removing TeX and Emacs from standard

John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:

> Bud Rogers writes:
> > I seem to remember when I selected one of the emacs packages for removal
> > I got pretty a serious sounding warning about the package being necessary
> > for this or that reason.
> Did you try to remove emacsen-common?  Both emacs and xemacs depend on it.

Don't think so.  As I remember the warning was about the package being
needed for other functions which as far as I know are not related to
emacs[en] at all.  Sorry I can't be more specific, but it's been some time
since I dealt with all that.  And it's possible that I misunderstood the
warning at the time -- not at all unusual...

Bud Rogers <budr@sirinet.net>	http://www.sirinet.net/~budr/zamm.html

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