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CTRL-C Doesn't work??!! ....


Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but... I'm using Debian.  I
use Debian.  I know this list is full of knowledgeable individuals.
;-)  Other than that, my question's a little off-topic.   Pointers to
where else to ask/look would be appreciated.

I've got a system here that I've been building from scratch - just to
***learn*** how Debian / Linux works from the ground up (right from
building my own boot disk - initrd, etc.).  I've got everything working
great; however....   Hitting CTRL-C does not kill a running process.

The only clue I've got is that, sometimes, I get a message "Job Control
Disabled" when starting a shell.  Seeing as CTRL-C is a "form" of job
control, I'm thinking this might be related.  I'm using BASH as the

Any ideas would be ***greatly*** appreciated.

i.e. What manages Job Control in a Linux system?  The kernel?  The
shell?  Init?  (I've rolled my own init, btw.)  And, why might Job
Control be disabled?

....  TIA for your help/comments.

Kevin Traas

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