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Re: Misplaced packages (or Shouldn't they be in contrib?)

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> Today I wrote a little program that went through the main Packages
> file to do build a tree as I outlined in my earlier post, and
> came across the following interesting info:

Packages in main must not Depend (and I'm sure also not Recommend)
packages out of contrib or non-free, same applies to non-US.

If you get a list of packages out of main that depend on packages
outside of main, could you draw that list and contact the maintainers?
After posting here and reaching consensous, you may open mass bugreports
- but be careful with that, ensure that the mails go to quiet@bugs
or submit-quiet, or something, so they're not spamming the lists.

> (It's not perfect. It checks for all possible setups in a sense.
> It works on the premise that no package in main should depend in
> anyway on packages outside of main)

Correcto, though there may be an exception for non-US/main of which
I'm currently not sure of.

> Now, some of these packages are in non-free and contrib. Shouldn't
> those packages that depend on these be taken out of main and placed 
> into contrib?


> Similarly, some of these packages seem to be truly missing (fvwm2, gas).

This needs some investigation.

> PS: The ssmtp package has the following line:
> Replaces: mail-transport-agent, exim, sendmail, smail, qmail, zmailer
> Isn't the list of mailers redundant?

I would have expected that there would be a conflict and provides
for mail-transport-agent.



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