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installation permissions

I just did a potato install via floppy+ftp.  I couldn't get su or chsh
to work, and from debian-users I learned that the permissions on the
base files are pretty out of whack, i.e. no suid bit for commands such
as su and chsh, wrong ownership of /dev/ files, and *lots* of files with
their permissions set to 777 (a big security risk).

If anyone is interested in seeing exactly what the permissions are, I
did a "ls -laR / > file.txt" and will gladly send it to anyone that
wants it.  Just be sure to email me directly, since I'm not subscribed
to the debian-devel mailing list.

Matt Garman, garman@ews.uiuc.edu
"And through the window in the wall
 Come streaming in on sunlight wings
 A million bright ambassadors of morning." 
	--Pink Floyd, "Echoes"

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