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ncurses 5 (was: Re: Timeline for potato)

At 15:23 +0100 1999-12-28, Matthias Klose wrote:
>what did happen to the libncurses5 packages? will they be uploaded for
>potato? Asking because I do not want to upload a readline4 before this
>is installed ...

I had decided not to upload ncurses 5.0 due to the situation with readline.
I didn't know you had any intent to upload readline4 for potato.

I have a new set of ncurses packages at:
deb http://web.espy.org/ftp/debian espy ncurses ncurses4.2
deb-src http://web.espy.org/ftp/debian espy ncurses ncurses4.2
which I intend to upload tomorrow.

If you upload readline4, I suggest that libreadline4-dev depend on
libncurses5-dev so that people don't end up inadvertantly linking with two
different ncurses libs (once from -lreadline and once from -lncurses).

Packages in base need to be relinked with libncurses5.
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