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Re: Timeline for potato

Rainer Dorsch writes:

> The timeline is great! But I think it should be continued. As
> experience shows, shortly after releasing potato (or even shortly
> after freezing potato), kernel 2.4 and XFree 4.0 will appear.

Well, I had been expecting XFree 4.0 in July, so this is good news :)
from reading their web page, it looks like 3.3.6 will come out just
after the freeze or release. 4.0 is still a ways off... As for the
kernel, I didn't think 2.3 was really frozen (I could have missed

> Should there be a potato update in this case or is Debian seriously
> wanting to shorten release cycles?

I'd really like to see shorter cycles, If only to get a better code
name than "woody" quickly. ;-) I wonder how many people running for
Project Leader are going to bring the release-cycle issue up...

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