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> Oh. The author just knew about this 2 or 3 days ago, and he is still
> pondering about the name change. Should there be any problem for an initial
> tip package release, and after change the name?
> I have tried to find that other tip around, but I couldn't find it. What is
> it?

     The tip utility establishes a full-duplex  terminal  connec-
     tion  to a remote host.  Once the connection is established,
     a remote session using tip behaves like an interactive  ses-
     sion on a local terminal.


     Tip establish a full-duplex connection to another machine, giving the ap-
     pearance of being logged in directly on the remote cpu.  It goes without
     saying that you must have a login on the machine (or equivalent) to which
     you wish to connect.

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