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Tip stands for Tip isn't Pico, and is a GPL'd Pico clone, written from

My attention was caught by Tip thanks to the "freedomization task list" in
debian-devel, and I have been in contact with the upstream maintainer since
then. Development is going smoothly, and tip can be used as a complete Pico
replacement at this moment. It can be used as Pine's default editor, while a
free Pine clone isn't available, or with Mutt's Pine-mode, or whatever.
I think this is a cool piece for Debian, as it provides an(other)
alternative to non-free Pico.
From debian/control:
Description: free Pico clone with some new features
 TIP stands for TIP Isn't Pico, and is a free replacement for Pico, the
 default Pine editor. Pine is copyrighted under a slightly restrictive
 license, that makes it unsuitable for Debian's main section. TIP is an
 effort to provide a Pico-like editor, but also includes some features that
 were missing in the original, such as 'search and replace' or 'goto line #'.

I asked for comments in debian-mentors about how to make users aware of the
availability of a free package that replaces a non-free one that they
already were using. One idea was to make Pine Recommend: tip | pico, and
that sounds fair enough. Any other?



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