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Re: ITP: crh

May I be the first to congratulate you :)


On Tue, Dec 28, 1999 at 10:10:45PM +0100, Scott Hanson wrote:
> Intent To Package crh: Christopher Ryan Hanson
> Initially released: 27 Dec 99, 3:29 am CET, Hamburg, Germany
> Package size: 4530 g, 56 cm (uncompressed)
> Upstream authors: Frauke Petersen-Hanson and Scott Hanson
> crh is the initial version of a program that will eventually
> revolutionize the entire world. The functionality of this initial
> version is restricted to simple input (mother's milk) and output
> (dirty diapers). The program has been in use internally the past 9
> months, but this is the first external release. Y2K problems are not
> expected. NMUs for this package are _not_ welcome. It is possible, but
> not expected, that work on this package might interfere with my other
> Debian packages.
> Screenshots are available at http://shanson.editthispage.com
> -- 
> Scott Hanson <shanson@shcon.com>  <shanson@debian.org>
> Johmsweg 9, D-21266 Jesteburg, Germany
> Debian GNU/Linux: free to use, free to hack, free to share
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