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Probelms with dch and dpkg-source

Hi All,

I recently had to reinstall Debian on my machine and had to do a dist-upgrade from slink. After that, dch and dpkg-source does not work. 


I did a perl -d dch and found that the following is the problem:
1. Create changelog.dch
2. sensible-editor changelog.dch

The sensible-editor (vi) returns a non-zero return code. dch fatals out with illegal seek or no such file/directory. Funny thing is, changelog.dch exists before calling the vi, but disappers after the fatal. 


Works fine if it is the first time. The second time you run it, it considers the entire directory structure deleted. The error message is unrepresentable changes to the source. However, a diff shows only a couple of changes to debian/rules.

I am wondering if my file handling routines from perl are screwed ?

Any ideas to fix these are welcome.


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