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Re: Quake is GPL

On Fri, 24 Dec 1999, jesdynf wrote:

> You'd have to put a disclaimer saying that the Debian developers were only
> making a good-faith effort to keep task-legal-* up to date, I bet. But
> there'd be nothing stopping somebody from removing the package, and all
> its nasty conflicts, if they felt like it.
> How does that sound?

I kinda like this... Afterall, there's nothing we could do to stop people
from downloading and installing Quake et al anyway, even if we wanted.

We'd just have to make sure we have resonable defaults for the
packages... say, per default select task-legal-germany enabled for anybody
chosing German timezone location or whatever. That way, it's not
debian's problem if they disable it.

Still it might be a problem because AFAIK in some countries the
distribution of quake is illegal, doesn't matter if people then use it or
not, the fact of distributing can cause you trouble... this probably is
something we'd need to get local lawyer advice on.. ;-(

If all else fails, we'd have to make them auto-download packages I guess.

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