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Re: ITP Heimdal (Kerberos 5)

>>>>> "Onno" == Onno  <Onno@Willem.Alexanderschool.nl> writes:

    Onno> Drop me an email if you do...  I'm very interested in the
    Onno> pop demon and it's flexability.  Maybe this one works with
    Onno> eudora light ;-)

What problems have you had with Eudora light?

I have never had any problems[1] myself with popper in Heimdal, however,
be warned it is based on BSD code (I think!), which you may/may not
already have tried.

[1] never tested the Kerberos authentication though.

BTW: I didn't see your posting on debian-devel, even though
you CC'd a copy to debian-devel - strange.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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