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Re: ITP: Gnapster

On Wed, Dec 22, 1999 at 12:06:17PM -0500, Brian Almeida wrote:
> > ~ $ apt-cache search napster
> > gnap - Gnome client for Napster
> > gnome-napster - Gnome client of the popular windows napster program
> > 
> > Another?
> Yep.
> gnap is dead. So that leaves only gnome-napster, really.

First, I should mention that the reason there were three projects is
that each developer wrote their respective client before there was any
announcement of any other clients. 

I intend to update the gnome-napster website about this, but I should
probably announce it, too:
I have been employed, and I can't continue development on gnome-napster.  This
means that 0.4.0 (currently in potato) is the final version that I am planning
to release, unless there are some critical bugs.  I'm supposed to stop all
development by the 25th of December.

gnome-napster 0.4.0 is more complete than gnapster in many respects, but I
expect gnapster will pass it by eventually.  Unless someone takes over
development, gnome-napster should be also removed from the distribution in a
few months.

Some URLs, in case you're interested:
gnap: http://gnap.sourceforge.net
gnaspter: http://www.gotlinux.org/~jasta/gnapster.html
gnome-napster: http://students.washington.edu/eeyem

Evan. (the gnome-napster author)

Evan Martin - eeyem@u.washington.edu - http://students.washington.edu/eeyem

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