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Re: ITP: qwcl (was: [glx-dev] id releases quake 1 source under GPL!])

On Wed, Dec 22, 1999 at 11:50:47PM -0500, Jeff Teunissen wrote:
> Currently, I suggest plain mesag3-dev, though the OpenGL QuakeWorld must
> be linked against glide2x in order to work (yes, even the GLX version --
> it uses a few functions in glide2x. I'll probably have them excised
> within the hour). Also, I am testing the DGA support that I'll be
> backporting from the WinQuake source (Has _anyone_ gotten keyboard input
> working in fullscreen DGA?). Email me for patches.

Mesa 3.1 packages should be uploaded RSN.  Quake should be linked against

> People who know enough to be using Utah GLX already know how to get
> programs compiled with Mesa to work, so right now it's a non-issue. ASAP,
> the Mesa source package should start to build libgl/libglu/ with the
> traditional libMesaGL* symlinks until everything gets recompiled.

There are other issues, Mercury, Omnic, and I have been trying to hash
them out on OPN #q1src..

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