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This is just a suggestion. Wouldn't it be *G R E A T* if someone ported a
basic Linux system on DREAMCAST????, i mean the new Generation machines have
a lot of power and memory... most of the OS would be run from the CD, it
could have a minimal KDE system with Netscape also a light word processor
and spreadsheet (kword/kspread light ??) ....nothing more would be needed
anyway in such a machine. Applications could be loaded directly from the CD
(the OS would prompt you for them...) you could use ordinary USB PC keyboard
and mouse, also support for zip Drives. a Lan2USB cable would provide
network access. It might sound far fetched ,but it isn't! just think about
how much it would further the Linux base!! (soon there will be a couple of
million dreamcast owners out there...) it would show the world how powerful

I don't know if anyone will be found to create such a distribution, but just
think about the marketing effect this project would HAVE!
the sheer *HYPE* would be TREMENDOUS!
you could start it as a community project under the leadership and sponsorship of DEBIAN Group!!
I believe sega would be thrilled to provide technical documentation for the
anyway MOST of the work is already been done on porting linux to the sh4
processor , look at :


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