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Re: Question about packaging emacs 20.5a.

On Wed, Dec 22, 1999 at 09:50:57AM -0600, Rob Browning wrote:
> Miles Bader <miles@ccs.mt.nec.co.jp> writes:
>> In this case, emacs-20.5a would probably be a very small change to
>> emacs-20.5 (no letter), and both would think they were version `20.5'
>> when unpacked or compiled.

(Didn't this happen before with a version numbered something like

> Wow.  If you're right, then I definitely got sidetracked by a
> non-problem.  I'll go check...

This seems to be the case here, according to Michael Welsh Duggan (in
gnu.emacs.help <v1t4sdn4tpa.fsf@maru.rem.cs.cmu.edu>), who found that 
the differences between versions 20.5 and 20.5a are just one entry 
("Version 20.5 released.") in all the changelogs.

	-Paul <kimoto@lightlink.com>

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