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ITP scanlogd


I packed "scanlogd" by Solar Designer. This is a small portscan detecting
tool.  If anyone is interessed in sponsoring this package, please contact me. 

BTW: The syslog facility.prioritey is daemon.alert, ident "scanlogd".
Currently this is writen to /var/log/daemon.log. Is this ok? Or should I change
this to another value? What about changing /etc/syslog.conf to have a section
*.alert /var/log/alert ?

best regards

P.S. The copyright is:
Linux scanlogd v1.3 by Solar Designer. You're allowed to do whatever you
like with this software (including re-distribution in any form, with or
without modification), provided that credit is given where it is due, and
any modified versions are marked as such. There's absolutely no warranty.

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