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Re: freedomization task list [was: Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL]

Quoting David Weinehall:
> Pardon me for expressing myself in an unclear manner. What I meant
> was that it depends on xlib6g, which I, as stated several times
> otherwise, consider an unnecessary package to have installed if you
> haven't got X installed. I won't change this opinion before someone
> gives me a larger SCSI-disk (at least 4 GB would be nice...)

	Actually, I have a remote headless server that hasn't got X
installed.  I have often cursed when sshing in and accidentally
starting up xnethack out of habit (nethack maintainer, are you
listening? nethack-tty would be nice right about now!).  Sure enough,
I get a graphical nethack.  

> Lucky me, there's vim-tty. Without it, I'd have to resort to
> recompiling my own vim without xlib6g, or using nvi, elvis or
> similar.

	I went to vim-tty, but then I installed nethack.

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