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Re: CD split proposal

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Michael Piefel wrote:

> On 16/12/99 at 22:14:46, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > DVD is not a practical option until DVD-R units are less than $500
> > U.S.  Of course, at our current release rate, woody should be out
> > around the time DVD becomes obsolete ;-)
> What do you mean by "DVD-R unit"? A simple DVD reading drive costs less than
> DM 300 (even as a SCSI device), and that's a lot less than $500.

Indeed.  Much less.  I can get a DVD-ROM drive (6x DVD, 30x CD-ROM) for 62
ukp, including taxes.  That's around 100 USD. And the UK is a more
expensive place to by hardware than the US.

If you mean 'DVD-Recordable', then I don't know what that is.  A DVD-RAM
drive costs around 233 quid (under $400), and that reads and writes.  But
I don't see why that matters, much. We need the majority of our users to
have the capacity to *read* DVDs, not write them.

Increasingly, all new PCs (in the generic sense, including Macs) are sold
with DVD drives now.

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