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Debian CygWin?


hopefully this is not the start of a flame war ......................

I just wanted to know if the intentions to make a CygWin based
port of Debian are alive.  About half a year ago there
was a thread on this topic.  I think CygWin has developed
since this time.

The background of this question is:

A certain number of us have to deal with W$ in their job.  I
belong to this number and use CygWin for certain tasks.  I'd
much more use UNIX stuff if I had an easy to install Debian
system and would not have to install each package separately.

Unfortunately I don't have enough time and knowledge to port
basic Debian tools, but I'd like to ask.  Perhaps we could
start a talk with the Cygnus people if they like the Debian
idea and do some essential work themselves.

Kind regards


If someone asks: Yes, I like my Debian box more than my NT-box,
but why not doing something to make it more comfortable than it is
and possibly convince people how comfortable an OS could be.  Pleace
don't tell me that Win sucks.

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