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Corel Linux

Just got my "Deluxe" edition box with the little foam-rubber penguin
today.  I love getting a copy of CiV:CTP with it! :)  Anyways, I write
this to inform that the source for all the Corel apps (like the
corel explorer) come in the box on a "Source Code" CDROM.   I am not
on Debian legal, so are we able to repackage these Corel apps for our
own distro?  Oh, one other thing I liked was that the box came with an
"open" CDROM that you can share with friends and a CDROM that contained
the "licensed' software that cannot be given freely.  This is a very
nice touch.


chris mckillop - cdm@debian.org    "The faster I go, the behinder I get."
Debian GNU/Linux                                     -- Lewis Carroll 
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