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Re: Summary: logout/halt/reboot as ordinary user, gnome logout button?

i use gdm as an login enviroment, and i hate using ctrl-alt-backspace+ctrl-alt-del combination, and then waiting when the computer shuts down and reboots.. (then i power down)

after thinking about this problem, there came the solution, which might help here...

like in NT there could be a shutdown button in xdm, gdm and others (well why not you can reboot the machine anyways) this could possibly be enabled in local logins only... this would accomplish my needs perfectly. because i hate everything that takes up too much space on my desktop, i try to minimize the amount of unneeded programs (including gnome panel)

the shutdown button could be an external program, just like xbanner changes the background, some other program could run like xbanner and start when xdm/gdm starts and make a button, and die after the login...

anyone willing to start coding?
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