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ITP: gmap

A cut & paste from the web page at http://academy.cas.cz/~gis:

gmap is a map viewer with support for temporary data (time bounded data) and 
work with them. By enhanced the capability of the viewer, it approaches 
GIS (Geographic Information System). 

Current features/capabilities of the application are: 
to show the graphic representation of the map in selected time and zoom 
to keep track of evolution of objects and map as a whole 
to show information about objects (including hypertext documents) 
to visualy compare time differencing views of the same map 
to define user queries for database 
to use pre-defined user queries on database 
to animate map in time 
to import data into system 
to search for particular document (related to some map object) based on keyword 


 Joop Stakenborg PA4TU, ex-PA3ABA 
 Linux Amateur Radio Software Database

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