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Confusion about package naming -- please help!

I'm packaging mLib[1], a library much like `glib'.

Now; I was under the impression that all package names had to be lowercase;
i.e. I would be uploading `libmlib1' and `libmlib-dev'.  However, in
section 4.2.1 of v3.1.0.0 of the Debian Packaging Manual:

    4 Control files and their fields


    4.2.1 Package

    The name of the binary package.  Package names consist of the
    alphanumerics and `+', `-'. `.'.

    [...] In current versions of dpkg they are sort of case-sensitive[2];
    use lowercase package names unless the package you're building (or
    referring to, in other fields) is already using uppercase.

    [2] This is a bug.

I'm slightly mystified, in my newsbieship, as to what this means.

The source archive is `mLib-1.6.1.tar.gz', and it unpacks into a directory
called `mLib-1.6.1'.  I suppose `dpkg-source' is supposed to rename that
to `mlib-1.6.1' or something when the source archive is extracted.

So -- what should my source directory be called?  What should my packages
be called?  What should the `Package:' field contain?

Thanks. :-)

[1] http://www.excessus.demon.co.uk/misc-hacks/#mLib

Chris <chris@fluff.org>                         ( http://www.fluff.org/chris )

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